Why should you buy Vimeo Views?

Vimeo is this new social networking site that allows you to upload videos for other people to watch. Does this seem familiar? It’s like Youtube right, well yes and no. You see it does have other features that make it easy for a person to create his own channel. And unlike Youtube who has a very strict process in having a channel, Vimeo’s process is very lax that even non-business accounts can have their own channel.

Now why would you bother about having a channel? Well first this allows people to subscribe to it. And that is a big deal, since they will be given news automatically whenever you post in something new to your channel. For this reason a lot of people have their own Vimeo accounts, which means viewers are also going here to take a look at the site’s videos.

If you want to be in top during a search result then you need to buy real Vimeo views. The reason for that is the algorithm on how their search engine sorts out the videos. Here is how the site sorts them out:

What are most relevant: this means the keywords that are entered by the user matches the keywords you tagged and the title of your video.

  • Newest Videos: The more new the video the more it goes to the top.
  • Oldest Videos: This will then follow by older videos.
  • Most played: How many VIEWS the videos get.
  • Most commented: the number of comments the video gets.
  • Most like: the likes it gets
  • Alphabetical: Base on the title of the video.

As you can see by the algorithm the number of people viewing your video is very important. While you can control the keyword relevance of your video and create new content, you can’t be sure of how many people will view it if left alone. Your solution then is to buy real Vimeo views to get a better search result.

So why would you care about search result anyway? Consider when you are looking at a search result, how many search result pages do you USUALLY go through? Is it one, two, or three? Beyond those numbers it’s very rare that you will look for any other site. So the more it is at the top of the results the more people will visit it. Which means that you really need to buy real Vimeo views since that will greatly boost your chances to be at the top!

Also, people by nature are very curious, so when they notice that there are a lot of views compared to other results they will want to know why people went there. So when you buy real Vimeo views you increase the chances of being viewed because of people’s curiosity.

As you can see when you buy real Vimeo views you not only increase the chances of getting more people to watch your video but you also improve the chances that you will get more views from other people as well.

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